Six images, film on glass, LED illuminators. Limited editions.


Using a three-dimensional, holographic technique called interferometry, a pulsed laser recorded minute changes in movement as alternating bands of light and dark captured in two exposures 1 millionth of a second apart.


These works employ patterns generated by the internal, micro-motion of blood, breath or muscle tension to suggest hidden depths, like layers of strata, dislodged and forced to the surface by the turbulence of human emotions.

Copyright © 2016 by Sally Weber.

Crevasse, 2006

29" x 18"

Chasm to Consequence, 2001-2008



Installation with Chasm (2001) film on glass 14” x 24”. The List, 110” x 40” scroll hangs behind with projected phrases. Pedestal with 6” glass lens magnifying matchbox from Windows on thee World, the restaurant at the top of the North Tower, World Trade Center.


In left corner: The List, hanging scroll of terms coined by the George W. Bush Administration between 2001-2008. Each phrase is projected across the scroll, chronological from the bottom to the top.





Chasm to Consequence