Evidence of Time


Inverted pendulum, steel, aluminum, holographic panels, illuminated sky panel and motorize drive system, 36’.


“The earth turned in her sleep and traded one surface for another.”

- Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum


This installation scans the sky as the earth rotates beneath it. An inverted pendulum, it marks the Entrance Plaza of the Moreno Valley Mall and sweeps slowly from north to south. Illuminated by sunlight, the spectral colors of light race up and down the sculpture’s south face with its motion. Commissioned for the Moreno Valley Mall, Moreno Valley, CA.



Digital glass panels illuminated by sunlight, 12’x18’. This solar illuminated entry was inspired by the evolution of encoded information from visual patterns and symbols to written language and digital code. Included quotations from poetry, prose and personal statements on quest, search or discovery honor the library’s role as source and archive of information.


Commissioned for the E.P. Foster Library, Ventura, CA through Ventura Art and Public Place Program.

Copyright © 2016 by Sally Weber.


Matrix, 1999

Evidence of Time, 1993