Reflecting Time


Two sixty-five foot screens with projected video imagery and poetry.


In the paradox of time, the present is experienced as the continuous now or as a fleeting moment caught between the past and future. Projected video and poetry flows in opposite direction across two, 60 foot screens within the storefront windows. The central entry suggests the present. Imagery and words from memories flow to the left, hopes and dreams to the right. From the viewpoint of the present both seems to race away. Commissioned for the Scarbrough Building, Austin, TX.



Wood, steel, glass pipes, holographic optical elements and water. Dimensions variable.


This experimental water fountain uses holographic lenses to diffract and focus sunlight into spectral lines that track the sun’s motion across the floor. The entire work is seen in one focus color of light ten feet from the installation.

Copyright © 2016 by Sally Weber.


Focalpoint, 1982

Reflecting Time, 2005

Lightscape, 1982



Acrylic and holographic optical elements. Dimensions variable.The curved elements in this experimental work were inspired by sun’s path across the sky. Sunlight diffracts the holographic elements into spectral colors that alter with the viewer’s position or lighting conditions.