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Speed of Shadows, 2012

Speed of Shadows


Holographic emulsion on glass panel 24”x 12”, mirror shelf and suspended black sphere, 8”x 10”x 10”.


Since a shadow has neither mass nor energy, it is not constrained by the laws of physics. In this installation a spherical shadow floats in a cube of blue light in front of the glass panel while a solid black sphere reflects darkly in a mirror below.

Alignment, 1987


Holographic optical element, cast acrylic, 7’x 3’x 20”.


In this work, light is a physical, spatial presence in the viewer’s space in front of the sculpture. Moving into it, the three lines of light combine into white and sweep across the sculpture’s concave surface incorporating the viewer into the work.

Signature of the Source


Holographic glass panels, 8’ diameter.


Culminating the Origin Series, this installation brings line and circle together. Exotic astronomical features emit jets of particles across the universe. Tracing back along their trajectory locates the source. Light, time and space fuse masking the origin.

Signature of the Source, 1997

Spiral Passage, 1995

Spiral Passage

Installation with holographic windows projecting solar spectra and 50 ft. diameter spiral mirror maze on the floor.


This installation marks the passage of time by creating a sundial within the museum gallery. Holographic panels cover the windows and project the sun’s diurnal and annual movement as spectra onto the thirty foot walls. A double spiral mirror maze creates a mirage across the floor. Visible from some angles but not other, the maze implies the axis and surrounding sweep of light.

Threshold of a Singularity - A Memorial

Threshold of a Singularity - A Memorial

Two part installation: two holographic panels, 84’x 42’. Holographic screen with glass chemistry vessel, metal pan and water, 32”x45.”


At the edge of a black hole the event horizon defines the end point of matter, light, and life as we know it. Beyond it lies theory, imagination or beliefs. This work is a memorial to the artist’s father.